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Taking Your Business

to the Next Level

I’ve found over the years (whilst coaching retailers) that every client’s needs are different!

We business owners all have various strengths and weaknesses and sometimes (much like our brides) we often think we need ‘A’ but actually in truth we need ‘Z’... Because of this and before any formal coaching quotes can be provided; I like to get to know you during a free business discovery call.


We can talk through your objectives and what’s keeping you awake at night - you get to offload!

I can reach a greater understanding of your needs and then formulate a plan of where we go together from there and at what cost.

Discovery calls are strictly confidential and free. They last approximately 30 minutes.

Following a quote, most clients book three sessions to kick things off but ‘one off sessions’ are possible plus ad-hoc projects as and when.

Here are the core areas that my coaching tends to focus on:

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