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The beautifully minimal Carta Branca ‘Chapter IV’ collection is luxurious and these gorgeous pieces are made in 100% silk. They quietly boast timeless elegance, they’re pure, unique and unconventional.

I love this collection for its fluidity and supremely effortless style, these dresses breathe freedom of choice and expression.


Designers of the ‘Chapter IV’ Carta Branca collection took inspiration from nature, and the beauty it evokes in its liberty and the depth of emotions surrounding change. Chapter IV is made of 15 dresses in exquisite silk fabrics, with elongated silhouettes, plunging backs and diffuse volume adorning the chest and sleeves.


You’ll note beautiful natural lines and simplicity in cut and design which highlights and compliments the feminine form. 

Once again each piece is made exclusively in their Portuguese atelier with the most refined craftsmanship.

Carta Branca means ‘carte blanche’ (a French term implying full freedom without limit or restriction) and my favourite designs have to be the absolutely stunning Jericoacora, El Gouna which is also gorgeous and features a unique neckline, seam and strap placement (I love her) especially worn with the dotty jacket. Dakhla is heavenly and features stunningly drapey soft sleeves combined with a strong v neckline - totally beautiful! 


See full collection of Carta Branca’s here 
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