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Hello, I'm Abi - a Bridal specialist, passionate Entrepreneur and business enthusiast who obsesses about building the customer’s experience and the service they receive. I love to share, love to learn and strive to support and encourage others in a positive, motivational and mindful way.  


Our bridal & menswear store (and fantastic team) are well known on the awards circuit. In our eighteen years we've worked extremely hard and have won twenty nine trophies including six ‘Best in UK’ titles, six customer service accolades and eleven TWIA honours (The Wedding Industry Awards).


I'm an industry Columnist and feature writer for Bridal Buyer, the most influential bridal trade title in Europe. I've been told that I write about life in bridal and retail with enthusiasm and candour. I've also guest featured in many other titles including Attire Bridal, Wedding Trader, An Essex Wedding, Wedding Ideas and Vows Magazine. 


I run business advice clinics at London Bridal Fashion Week for Ocean Media and sit on The Bridal Buyer and The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) Judging Panel.

Building a business and striving for success isn't easy.  Business ownership requires constant application, energy, passion and determination - all of which can be difficult to maintain.  Over the years years I've faced many issues and challenges but have learnt to overcome them and and now I'd like to share my knowledge and passion with you. 


My background lies primarily within retail, sales, marketing and customer service.  I love people, I love business and I love retail!


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