Bridal &  Retail Specialist.

Bridal Specialist, Bridal & Retail Specialist 

I’m very passionate about helping business owners and Managers succeed, grow, increase profit and in some cases realign things to claim their life back!  Very often business owners know that they need some help; but, at the time of a call to me they don’t often know specifically what that is and that’s okay, I can help them / you decide. 


I’m a flexible Coach who will strive to understand you, your goals, your challenges and then I can offer bespoke support, guidance and solutions.

I’ve enthusiastically worked within and also written for the bridal industry for a long time and my published work spans both the trade and consumer press.

Trade magazine titles I’ve written for include Bridal Buyer, Wedding Trader, Attire Bridal and Vows Magazine. 

I’m a bit of an awards junkie!  Having won 29 awards titles, including 6 ‘Best in UK titles’ I can happily confirm that I’m in recovery and delighted to get my awards fix from being on the judging panel now instead. 


Abi delivered a sales training day for my team which boosted our confidence and morale.

When she visited, she identified several things that needed changing to increase sales and enhance our customer experience.

She’s also helped us with some social media training. Abi’s advice and guidance has been brilliant.

She’s an inspiration for lots of retailers.

—  London Bridal Store Manager