"The Comeback can be stronger than the setback"

Lock down has been tough.  Let's face it; mentally, emotionally and financially it's been extremely difficult for so many.   It's unbelievable really to think that we have just been through a period of enforced business shutdown!  I myself will never forget the day we locked our boutique's doors not knowing how long it would be before we could re-open -  it's been a very unnerving time indeed!

I've always felt that the pandemic battle is as much an emotional and mental one as it is medical and financial.  And so here we are 10 weeks after lock down with a 'new  normal' looming and a green light on being able to re-open our businesses to the public again soon....  The time has come for us to embrace the new normal, flex our business minds and models, adapt and reactivate ourselves and our boutiques for an enthusiastic and successful business come back!

There is much debate about 'how' to move forward with your re-opening plus a great deal of noise, misinformation and negativity too.   There are some things that must be done legally and many different decisions that we now face as business owners.


Currently many retailers are finding that it is hard to find the energy, motivation and fast route to a plan which will invigorate your business and ensure that your boutique is Covid19 safe and operating within the government guidelines.  I believe that it is possible to re-open your shop feeling confident, with a re-charged team and a Covid19 safe approach that your customers and team will feel assured by.

I can help you with your re-opening and guide you through the decisions concerning your business model and what to do to get your retail space ready and the sales flowing again.

Bridal Specialist, Bridal & Retail Specialist 

Resilience. Strength. Confidence. Optimism

Your physical 'store space' needs evaluating and your business model needs consideration.  Your team needs training and your customers need to understand what Covid19 and social distancing policies you now have.


 As well as conducting a risk assessment you will need to understand the rules and regulations that the Government have in place.  Managing your customer's expectations and knowing what you are allowed to do is absolutely essential at this time.


Contact me for a consultation on all of this and more.  I am here to help.  Together we are stronger and I promise I will do everything I can to help you comeback successfully

Huge thank you for the advice and support provided by Boss Man Joshua Wyma of JWG3 who helped with the deep sanitisation treatment of our store featured in this vid.  We certainly feel a lot safer and more ready now!  Visit @jw_g3 on instagram for more info and quote or call 07805 404737.  Also thanks to Jodie Holland Film for capturing this film.