Abi Neill | Coaching | Bridal & Retail Specialist


Bridal Specialist, Bridal & Retail Specialist 

I’m very passionate about helping business owners and Managers succeed, grow, increase profit and in some cases realign things to claim their life back!

Very often business owners know that they need some help; but, at the time of a call to me they don’t often know specifically what that is and that’s okay,

I can help them / you decide. 


I’m a flexible Coach who will strive to understand you, your goals, your challenges and then I can offer bespoke support, guidance and solutions.


I don’t offer a fixed ‘programme’ or a ‘system’ instead straightforward bespoke coaching to get you where you need to be.

I’m here to support, advise, drive and encourage….. together we’ll boost your business and smash it!!!

Below I run through multiple topics key to helping you succeed!

The Pre-Sell 

So much of the actual ‘selling’ to your customers begins way before you meet with them in-store.  There’s an art to enticing customers to you and engaging with them from the start and there is power in creating a fan base and a culture where people want to buy from you before they have even stepped foot in-store. 


Qualifying your customers, building rapport, building trust and overcoming objections begins from the first contact.  I can work with you to strengthen your pro active approach during your pre-sell so that the sales come much easier when your customers arrive in-store.   

Social Media & Marketing confidence

Social media is such an important thing to master!! Loathe it or love it - it can be all encompassing but it is a must for us all!  From Instagram to Facebook, Tik Tok to Pinterest it's essential that you hop on the social media wagon and get involved!  I can help guide you and your team to develop the skills and confidence needed to get in-front of (and behind) your smartphone. 


Marketing comes in all forms; From social media, print advertising, shows and promotions, it can be costly and so it's imperative that you position yourself effectively, spend wisely and track results whilst driving enquiries and developing your brand. I can help you identify who your target market is, where to find them and how to position yourself in order to appeal.  You’ll save time and money if you market yourselves on the right channels and learn from my experience. 

Your Customer Experience

Never before has the 'experience' been so important!


The customer (or client) journey starts from the moment they connect with your business brand.  Impressing your customers and clients, finding ways to wow them and turn them into loyal fans that create rave reviews and recommendations all takes skill and application.

I can help you redesign your customer experience so that you take things to the next level. 


Together we can find ways to surprise and delight, beat your competition and grow your business.

Your Shop

From attention grabbing visual merchandising to a well thought out store layout it's vital to consider how your retail space looks, smells and feels. 

The customer journey throughout your boutique needs careful consideration if it's to be a compelling and enticing space for your customers.


Layout alone can dramatically impact on potential cross selling, plus it's essential to ensure that you avoid common sales barriers and that changing rooms look fantastic and are the absolute best that they can be.  I can help evaluate your existing space (or save you money by helping to design it if it’s a new one).  With existing spaces, we can improve flow and I can often suggest changes that will enhance the space, take it to the next level, create retail wow power and drive more sales.


It's my firm belief that 'People buy from people'.  Selling is 'relational'.  Successful sales people know how to build confidence, build rapport and meet their customer’s needs.


They understand their customer's needs and vision, they read situations and body language, they bring positive energy and know their product.  They observe and listen carefully before appropriately asking for the sale!


Sales success comes from leaning into your customers and working passionately to fulfil their needs.  Mindset is everything and likability and a positive approach is fundamental. 

Sales is something that I have worked within for a long time and I have frequently helped retailers to achieve higher conversion rates and refine their appointment approach for maximum success.  If you would like to improve your sales and conversion rates just reach out.  I’m passionate about helping teams to enhance their sales success and to reach their goals and can offer one to one coaching, team coaching and sales training days either on site, at your premises, at my boutique or online.

Buying / Your Brand Mix

Sourcing fabulous products and building mutually beneficial relationships with your Suppliers and Manufacturers is fundamental to building a successful business. 


Deciding who and what to stock, how much to buy and at what price point can be a minefield.  Negotiating on your area of exclusivity and avoidance of over-stock levels are just two of many considerations that you'll need to make whilst buying and selecting your product ranges.  If you are a new business start up, ‘location’ will govern which labels or products are available to you and this could be a make or break decision depending on what competition you have around you.  I can help you to strategically decide on the location of a new premises which will ensure that you can acquire lead generating labels and products that will drive customers through your store, boutique or shop.


If you are an existing business overbuying is a sure way to hurt your profitability so learning to spend wisely is a must.  Some retailers turn to opening an outlet in a desperate attempt to turn stock from over buying situations but with a more strategic approach to buying (and selling) you can avoid the additional expense and pressure as we work together to drive down dead stock, improve stock turn and make more money from your samples and existing store business model. 

Your Business Numbers

From sales reports and conversion rate trackers to data sheets that help capture your ROI (return on investment) you need to know what you are selling, who is selling it, how much you are spending with your suppliers, what your return is and the true profit behind your business.  To have a real handle on the overall financial performance of your company you need reports in place and to drive growth and profitability through your business you need to set goals and targets.


I can help you with all of this.  It’s an area that many business owners underestimate and steer away from: Start with these reports in the early days of business to monitor performance and trends or introduce them to your established business to gain greater clarity and it can change your focus and ultimately the profit that you make and the long term success that you reap.

Your Team / Staffing Matters

Managing employees and finding the right fit for your team can be a time consuming and complex subject - especially if recruitment, onboarding and training is carried out properly.

But if you are serious about employment and building a successful team then it's so important (right from your first recruit) to formalise your processes, introduce contracts and documents and carry out regular performance appraisals.


Essentially your staff have expectations and needs that you need to manage and cultivate. And you will reap the rewards if you treat them seriously, professionally and with care!  I can help you to recruit, develop your team and guide you towards helping them to feel supported and empowered within your business so that it will boost them, boost your team’s morale and your business will literally flourish!

Event Design & Hosting

In-store and off site events and promotions will keep your customers engaged and your brand fresh and enticing.


Knowing how to create events and utilize supplier relationships is key to delivering a positive promotional strategy.  It's important to know what works and how to host an event for maximum return.  Events don’t have to be massively costly especially if you build relationships with relevant parties who will enjoy mutual benefits.  Together we can brainstorm event ideas and I can help you organise in-store and off site events that will boost customer enquiries, appreciation and revenue.