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As a bridal industry and business enthusiast I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to work with the gorgeous wedding dress designer ‘Rachel Rose’ and her awesome Partners at Peter Trends Bridal on their amazing label collaboration ‘Rachel Rose Bridal’. 


I’ve helped to launch and develop the UK business and took up residency as their UK and Ireland Brand Agent in 2020.  Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have a network of 17 wonderful retailers who promote and sell the Rachel Rose gowns through their independent bridal boutiques.  The gowns are stunning and the Rachel Rose and Peter Trends team are wonderfully bright and exciting to work with! The dresses are individual, sexy and different and retail (on average) between £2,500 and £3,500. 


Each one has their own personality and vibe and I absolutely love being involved and representing the gorgeous ‘Rachel Rose’ couture brand.  Stockist enquiries are welcome. 

Bridal Specialist, Bridal & Retail Specialist 

Rachel Rose Logo | Brand Agency | Abi Neill | Bridal & Retail Specialist

You can visit the Rachel Rose bridal brand directly here 


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